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The Running-and-charging Trolley Bus “Long Pigtail” Popular in Luoyang

On Oct. 23, 2017, Luoyang welcomed its new face in its trolley lines, i.e., Line 101, Line 102, and Line 103, which have run for 33 years, as 67 Yangtse dual-source trolley buses (WGD61U) were put into operation in the parking lot of branch office of Luoyang Public Transportation Group Co.,Ltd. That means the Yangtse dual-source trolley bus embraces its new life in Luoyang.

In particular, the local media the Dahe Daily and Luoyang Evening News publishes this news in full page to celebrate the official operation of the Yangtse dual-source trolley bus.

On hearing such exciting news, quite a few netizens are pleasantly surprised, showing their strong expectation for the renaissance of trolley bus in Luoyang.

Highlight 1: Running-and-charging Mode & Up-and-down Function

The traditional trolley bus can easily break down once the power grid occurs failure caused by itself or man, affecting normal operation of the whole trolley bus line. While the Yangtze trolley bus (WGD61U) adopts dual-source configuration, i.e., it is supplied with power via power grid and vehicle-mounted battery pack, successfully escaping collective fault of trolley buses.

That means, the Yangtse dual-source trolley bus manages to run while charging, giving priority to using wiring to power itself with its “long pigtail”; it is able to switch to battery track mode when meeting emergency or running on special sections, like an ordinary bus running on the road. However, the traditional trolley bus has no such functions. In addition, the battery track enables the trolley bus to reach 120 km, fully satisfying the service needs of trolley lines now available.


Highlight 2: Provided with Air Conditioner, and Automatic Lean and Reset Function

The Yangtse dual-source trolley bus is provided with air-conditioning equipment, leather 

sheath on the armrest, as well as SRS and anti-lock braking system, making it more user-friendly,  stable and secure. Moreover, it is equipped with a driving recorder, surveillance cameras (including ones installed next to the “long pigtail” of car roof), convenient for the driver to see clearly of roof conditions in his/her driving seat.

In addition, this trolley bus is also provided with automatic lean and reset function, convenient for the old or child or other special passengers to get on/off the bus easily and safely. In this connection, the driver can press the button to make the bus body to lean toward the door side of the trolley bus automatically, and the door step will lower correspondingly, so that the passenger can get on the bus easily; after the passenger sit well, it will turn to normal operation mode. Meanwhile, the bus body can rise or lower automatically when the trolley bus runs on bumpy or wading sections.


The Trolley Bus Is Favored by Both Head of Trolley Bus and Passengers Once Taking Service

Zeng Zhaohua, a senior bus driver who has served for 15 years as the Line 101 driver and seen model transformation of “long pigtail” trolley bus, favors the new type “long pigtail” very much.  

“In the past, the trolley bus had no air conditioner, both the driver and passengers felt bad as the temperature reached 55℃ in summer.” He said, “this problem is readily solved after the new type trolley bus is put into operation.”

 “Moreover, the new type trolley bus is able to escape collective failure caused by power grid fault or wire-off from the junction pole, freeing the passenger from getting off the bus for another transfer.” He said, “the driver can press the button next to the driving seat to retract the ‘long pigtail’ in the case of power grid fault.”

 “The citizen Xiaoyuan takes Line 101 trolley bus almost every day, who found that it was totally different yesterday. It starts and runs steadily and is more comfortable just like sitting in a private car. It feels good!” He continued.

The Luoyang citizen Mr. Qi aged 47 also takes Line 101 trolley bus almost every day. “Looking the two electric wires closer to me, I know the bus is coming. With so many years passing by, I have had a deeper feeling for her.” He added, “the new type trolley bus becomes more environment-friendly and comfortable, and I feel so delighted.”