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[World Car Free Day] preferred bus Green Travel - the Yangtze River in action
Air pollution on the earth,
A large part of the reason comes from car exhaust.
September 22nd each year is called "world car free day"",
Green travel has become a stepping stone to change the world environment.
You might as well stop your car today
Preferred bus
Low carbon travel to experience life
Enjoy the scenery along the way
Protect the blue sky and white clouds together".
Vanguard of new energy development
Over the years, in the new energy bus R & D field, the Yangtze River has always been a "man first", the pursuit of excellence. Since 1958 Chinese the first trolleybus traffic across the Yangtze River, then to 2002 China first plug-in hybrid passenger car city in the Yangtze River the birth of the moment, the Yangtze River automobile electronic control technology for decades on the Yangtze River accumulate steadily, the new energy development road. In the next 15 years, the "energy saving", "environmental protection" responsibility, has become a frontier in leading domestic development of new energy bus.
The Yangtze River independent innovation including buses, buses, special vehicles and logistics vehicles, refrigerated cold chain vehicles, sanitation vehicles such as a full range of new energy products, and vehicle type platform products rich spectrum, meet the bus, business, tourism, logistics, city commuter chilled distribution, sanitation and other new energy automobile market demand in various fields, you can see the Yangtze River off the electric "low carbon".
Green bus starts the battle of "blue sky and white clouds" in cities
In December 28, 2016, Wuhan historic street Zhongshan Avenue this open street, opened in Wuhan's first BRT bus system, respectively, introduced 30 sets of the Yangtze River G9 ultra light No. 1 version of 12 meters of pure electric bus sightseeing car and 30 G5B Veyron 18 meters of pure electric bus on the bus with BRT, the inner ring road 408 Road, 408 the outer ring, BRT1 line operation.
Line two line so far, energy consumption is far lower than that of pure electric vehicles, fuel gas city bus, the use of low cost, the full realization of zero emissions. BRT1 road as an example, 30 sets of 18 meters of articulated vehicle according to standard units converted into 45 sets of 12 meters of the bus, can reduce the annual 4927.76 tons of carbon emissions, reduce pollutant emissions (68.35 tons of fuel vehicle emissions by CO, VOC, NOx and PM, which is one of the causes of haze).
The Yangtze River new energy pure electric vehicle, driven by high-performance batteries, comfortable, stable, safe and efficient, equipped with super lightweight vehicle technology, provides an important guarantee for green travel, and contribute to urban environmental protection.
Bus trip
More limited access to road resources
Reduce road traffic congestion
It's September 22nd.
World Car Free Day
Let's advocate the preferred bus
Contribute one's strength to the environmental protection of the city!