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[Focus] Wuhan occupied the circle of friends "blue sky" is how come?
These months, open the circle of friends
Is a piece of blue sky, white clouds
The bursting of the Wuhan sky made everyone High turn over!
The sky in Wuhan is like this
Clap one's hands
Each one can be a screen saver!
It is reported that, as of September 11th, this year, Wuhan air quality has reached 190 days, the good and good rate of 74.8%. Compared with last year, a good number of days more than 23 days, the fine rate increased by 9.3 percentage points. Compared with 2013, a good number of days more than 55 days, the fine rate increased by 21.7 percentage points!
Especially in August of this year,
The sky quality of the 31 months reached a good grade,
Was the last full moon in good shape or in July 2013?.
This is a good curve at you don't be too happy
The air quality in Wuhan is really much better this year
Of course not good without any cause or reason!
So here comes the question...
Why is the sky so blue in Wuhan?
Green bus
Low-carbon travel
The improvement of air quality in Wuhan has benefited from the implementation of pure electric buses in Wuhan. In the streets of Wuhan, the "black tail" of the bus has become a history, replacing the low emission or zero emission environmental protection bus.
As a result, Wuhan buses reduce carbon emissions by one hundred thousand tons annually to become "emission reduction pacesetter"".
Under the blue sky and white cloud, together to enjoy the perennial shuttle in the streets and lanes, pacesetter become a city of beautiful scenery line "emission reduction".