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 the Yangtze River presents the first International Conference on liquid organic hydrogen storage with the "Yang Yang" series"
In recent years, with the distinctive characteristics of hydrogen energy of green environmental protection, high energy, has become the development of the new international energy field a force just unfolding, is playing an increasingly important role in the global energy structure adjustment and coping with climate change in.
In September 20, 2017, the first organic liquid hydrogen storage technology and application (iLOHC-2017) International Symposium held in Wuhan, from home and abroad experts and scholars in the field of hydrogen energy, business people gathered around the hydrogen and hydrogen energy development opportunities of hydrogen and hydrogen pattern trend to carry out in-depth exchanges, the latest progress of hydrogen storage technology and the technology of organic liquid in the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and large-scale energy storage applications for academic discussion.
Huang Xing, President of the Automobile Research Institute of Yangzi Automotive Group, reports on the subject of "hydrogen fuel cell City Bus Powertrain System Research"
In the spotlight, two atmospheric hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, jointly developed by the Yangzi Automobile Group Co - hydrogen Yang energy Co., made a spectacular appearance with excellent quality and outstanding performance.
The success of the "off line", "Yang Yang No. 1, No. two Yang" are based on liquid organic hydrogen storage technology (LOHC) hydrogen fuel cell bus. The vehicle is 8.6 meters long, the body follows the development of the Yangtze River super classic style wizard series and a unique atmosphere, equipped with a hydrogen hydrogen supply system of Yang energy 30KW and Hydrogenics 30KW hydrogen fuel cell as the active force of the vehicle, also equipped with 29.9 kilowatt lithium battery, hydrogen storage tank, filled with 200 liters of configuration after the battery life of up to 300 km. The utility model can realize the real zero pollution emission, has no mechanical loss, does not involve combustion, has high energy conversion rate, and produces only electricity, water and a small amount of heat, and has low noise and stable operation.
During the meeting, the leaders, academicians, experts and guests from all walks of life to the full range of the hydrogen powered by bus, by virtue of its performance in comfort and power of a side, attracted widespread praise.
Hydrogen supply system for Yang energy, is the "hydrogen oil" in the hydrogen supply system of hydrogen released to the hydrogen fuel cell power generation, "after the release of hydrogen in hydrogen oil" into "oil" transport back to the end of hydrogenation plant hydrogenation, hydrogenation is beside the demonstration unit, the "oil" by adding hydrogen into hydrogen, oil and gasoline and diesel vehicle and the filling process is similar, but more of a "oil recovery device".
Professor Wang Binggang watched the demonstration process of "hydrogen Yang No. 1" hydrogenation
Hydrogenation demonstration device, the vehicle is filling with "hydrogen oil", the whole vehicle filling process and steam, diesel as simple and fast.
Hydrogenation station and hydrogen source material circulation integration demonstration device
As one of the most concerned issues in the world today, energy has become the challenge and opportunity for the automobile manufacturers to win the market in the future. Reducing the carbon intensity of energy, or carbon emissions per unit of energy use, is a key to achieving long-term climate goals. As the two key directions for the development of new energy vehicles, hydrogen fuel and pure electric vehicles with more and more frequently into public view, showing its convenience, more attention by the national Ministry of science and technology, including the United Nations Development Programme and other government level.
At present, automobiles based on liquid organic hydrogen storage technology are mainly buses and logistics vehicles. Through the Yangzi River car, we can see that the future of the bus will be more energy efficient, greener and more efficient. And these are all from the Yangtze River car up and down, consistent, the pursuit of technical strength tireless.
The Yangtze River believes that with the support of core technology, the Yangtze River will become more robust on the road of new energy buses.