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[Focus] along with the development of "The Belt and Road" bus carrying the "BRIC".
Gold brick
In ten years, the BRIC countries into the global mechanism of the actual operation from the concept, the world economy has become a new bright spot, has attracted the attention of people all over the world. On the morning of September 5th, the dialogue Hall of the International Conference Centre and the emerging market countries and developing countries will be held here.

Speed up the independent brand car to the international market has risen to be a national strategy. In recent years, the pace of the "going out" of the Yangtze River has not stopped for a moment. Since 2009, sailing to Thailand, Burma, the successful expansion of Malaysia, Bangladesh, Peru, Morocco, Russia and other countries and regions in the overseas market, a good reputation, including the part of the BRIC countries, Russia, neighboring Thailand AIA, a car passenger witnessed the Yangtze River Economic and trade cooperation with China BRIC countries.