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[headlines] pure electric instead of "black tail" to see how Wuhan bus "change" emission reduction pacesetter"

"In the past, a launch vehicle, the tail of a plume of black smoke near the man clutching his mouth and nose to escape." Wuhan citizen Wang Wei who lives in Wuchang is Longyuan community, and the Cape crab bus stop security field is only separated by a road, remember this scene.
Today, in the streets of Wuhan, "black tail" has become a history, replaced by low emission or zero emission of environmentally friendly public transport. As a result, Wuhan buses reduce carbon emissions by tens of thousands of tons a year and become "emission reduction pacesetter"".
At the end of July, Wuhan bus group is China Traffic Enterprise Management Association awarded the "transportation energy conservation demonstration enterprise" title.
Initiative to change and build a major pattern of the bus market"
In 2012, Wuhan had more than 7000 buses, of which the exhaust emissions were less than 2968 of the national standard diesel diesel cars, accounting for more than 40%. Yellow car with high horsepower and high frequency of use, its emissions are more than 10 times that of private cars. In response to the national energy-saving emission reduction initiative, let the city return green, Wuhan bus pioneers, the pursuit of excellence, "to do a good job, its first profit" - 2015, Wuhan bus the first change is the elimination of yellow cars, all in exchange for new energy vehicles (mainly YISHION electric) and clean energy vehicles (using natural gas as fuel), improve the quality of the vehicle. At that time, after sufficient market research and peer understanding, Wuhan bus purchased 800 sets of Yangtze River pure electric buses.
According to estimates, from 2013 to 2015, Wuhan bus group to reduce carbon emissions tens of thousands of tons each year.
Combined power charging technology, the three generation of innovation
On public transport "pattern of change, let Wuhan bus has accumulated a good reputation, it is worth mentioning that, in this process, Wuhan bus bold attempt, has experienced three generations of innovation in charging technology, a record number of first in the country.
Phase one
In 2013, the Wuhan bus group and the car company Yangzi automobile group to carry out technical cooperation, according to Wuhan has a number of trolley bus line features, in the country's first "online charging" pure electric bus. One third of the journey, like a tram, is charged by wires, and the rest of the time, the pigtail can be folded and run, so that the battery can be shallow and shallow, effectively lifting the life. In 2014, 200 sets of "online charging" buses were put into use.
Second stage
Limited by the capacity of line network, the online charging mode can not develop on a large scale. In 2015, the bus group tried to use the "slow charging" pure electric bus without electricity grid, then bought 800 units, which was the country's largest single new energy bus project.
Third stage
To improve charging efficiency and maximize operating time, in 2016, Wuhan public transport group purchased the Yangtze River 60 fast charging pure electric buses, which were used in BRT (BRT) and Zhongshan Avenue 408. "Fast charging" buses use advanced lithium manganate batteries, charging 10 minutes will be able to drive 120 kilometers, greatly improving the efficiency of operation, representing the country's top level of pure electric bus.
The Wuhan BRT bus is the country's first pure electric bus is used in BRT, 18 metres long, the maximum capacity of 135 vehicles, 12 meters than the conventional bus capacity is about 40%. The model adopts articulated body, the wheelbase is shorter than 12 meters, the turning radius is smaller, and the vehicle is more flexible. It has become a city card of Wuhan. Today, almost every day, representatives of different countries and cities come to visit.
Philippines Ministry of communications experts came to Han to investigate BRT related technologies.
Strong backing to solve "worries""
Wuhan bus as a "transportation energy-saving emission reduction demonstration enterprise", the market driven and demonstration effect is more obvious. As one of the major "new forces" in the development of Hubei's new energy automotive market, the Yangtze River new energy automobile has formed a "win-win" between the Wuhan bus and the Yangtze River group".
Over the years, the Yangtze River will keep with the industry's leading new energy technology team, extensive exchanges, and forward-looking thoughts on the future direction of product development, the core technology research and development, overseas market development, and continuous innovation in technology, agglomeration forces, to seek a breakthrough and innovation, strive for innovation, technology high quality products, to create a one-stop service, solve customer "menace from the rear".
At present, the Yangtze River and the Chinese Road Association City passenger transport branch of the strategic cooperation a new pure electric bus application system has been successfully developed, in addition to optimizing the charging infrastructure, pure electric vehicles and the integration of technology innovation in lightweight vehicle charging technology based on the roof bar automatic charging and fast charging charging device docking repair power through the camera guiding device without changing the vehicle station capacity, only the presence of the erection of station charging facilities can meet the multi line charging operation needs, and the vehicle charging method is more simple, safer and more efficient, to provide a more optimal system for pure electric bus operation solution. The Yangtze River is leading the trend of industry with innovative technology, moving forward into a new era of urban transit development!