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[Focus] operating half a year was unanimously praised, the Yangtze River pure electric city bus to help Wuxue bus into the "zero emissions" era

February this year, 40 sets of Yangtze River Wei tiger G1 new energy pure electric bus debut in Wuxue street, half a year later, how the operation, let's go and have a look.
Comfortable and spacious, with better air conditioning and cooling effect
The main city of Wuxue City, this year the new change of the Yangtze River electric bus is 8.2 meters long and 2.45 meters wide, 24 seat configuration, lightweight rims, GPS track monitor, heating and air conditioning, convenient automatic stop device, coin identification system Aluminum Alloy, standardized service. To meet the needs of vehicle charging, Wuxue bus company also built new electric bus charging station, set charging pile 16, cycling a charge can travel about 200 kilometers.
"The bus is more spacious and more beautiful than the buses in the past. Whether it's the start or the station, it's very smooth, and there is no noise and it's very comfortable." Wuxue city people have said, "the original bus noise pollution, now the car no pollution, running very smooth, high temperature conditions of consecutive days of running, the people of Wuxue on the air conditioning effect of the car is considerably more like" air conditioning effect is better, no smell of diesel, a summer cool and comfortable instead, look forward to the bus."
Let urban bus into the "zero emissions" era
As one of the actual livelihood affairs of Wuxue municipal government in 2017, the renewal of new energy buses in the main urban areas of Wuxue has attracted much attention. In February this year, the old diesel bus 40 Yangtze new energy electric buses officially take over the city bus lines 5, such a large volume replacement of pure electric bus is the first in Eastern Hubei province.
Wuxue municipal Party committee secretary Hao Shengyong said, giving priority to the development of new energy bus, is an important content of "national transport strategy" in 13th Five-Year, on behalf of the advanced direction of city traffic development. The first formal operation of new energy bus, marking the development of new energy automotive industry in Wuxue City, the city bus to a new level of development has entered a new era of energy, in the future, the new energy electric buses will also become the general public the most convenient and environmentally friendly way to travel.