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August First Army Day, to respect the most lovely people!

This year is PLA 90th anniversary.

Guarding the frontier, they defend the Republic of protect our homes and defend our country, peace; before the disaster, a ladder, to build up a wall, they are the most amiable and respectable soldiers. To serve the country as a mission, to fulfill its mission and fight, this is their stand, is that they will die to defend the faith. Tomorrow is the PLA army building 90th anniversary, their festival, to the dedication and dedication of Chinese soldiers salute! Pay homage to the most lovely people! Happy holidays!
The origin of Army Day
August 1, 1927
Nanchang uprising. Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, He Long, Ye Ting, Liu Baicheng, leader of the Northern Expedition army held in Jiangxi uprising in Nanchang, fired the first shot of the Kuomintang armed opposition, marked the beginning of China independent leadership of the Communist Party of the armed struggle. After the Nanchang uprising, in June 1933, the Central Revolutionary Military Commission issued the decision on the establishment of "the first anniversary of the founding of the Chinese workers' and peasants' Red Army". August 1st became PLA day of the people's Liberation army.
These are the cutest people
Standing in the snow covered plateau, desert border, hard reef,
Fighting in the peacekeeping battlefield, disaster relief line......
There, they always give first priority",
To forget about one's own!
They guarded the lamps and candles of a myriad families,
Guard peace and tranquility for us.
As long as there is danger
There are Chinese soldiers doing your most solid backing
A grand parade at Zhu and training bases yesterday
More let us feel the spirit of Chinese soldiers
Array of soldiers and soldiers
Be paraded in battle stance
The scene of blasting soldiers on the battlefield
Let us full of excitement.
We do not live in a peaceful world
But we live in a peaceful and powerful country
Here, may the most lovely people be happy in the army day!