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In 2013

The 2012 annual Wuhan city credit enterprise

The eighth session of the CIBC (Nanjing) bus contest "top 10 passenger car manufacturers award"

The eighth session of the CIBC (Nanjing city bus) bus competition "gold award"

The eighth session of the CIBC (Nanjing) bus contest "the best energy-saving businnovation award"

Chinese road transport Cup "award for best new energy bus"

Chinese road transport Cup "award for the best bus"

In 2012

The company was awarded ISO/TS16949-2009 certificate

The 2011 Annual Wuhan ten major scientific and technological innovation activity series won the ten outstanding contribution to Wuhan Science and technology innovation of enterprise

In 2011

The company was awarded the Hubei province famous brand product certificate

The company was awarded the high-tech enterprise certificate (Hubei province)

The company was awarded the Wuhan city famous brand product certificate

In 2010

The company was awarded the Chinese business credit rating certificate (class AAA)

The company was awarded the certificate of Wuhan City independent innovation products

In 2009

The company was awarded Hubei famous brand product certificate

Won the Hubei province famous trademark certificate

Won the enterprise credit rating certificate

In 2008

The company was awarded the Ministry of construction China city busmanufacturing enterprises

The company won the Hubei province high tech enterprise certificate

The Yangtze River brand was rated as well-known trademarks in Wuhan City

Won the Hubei provincial office building water-saving enterprise

In 2007

Won the Wuhan high tech enterprise

The Ministry of construction science and Technology Committee rated "excellent enterprise Chinese bus industry"

Wuhan Municipal Economic Commission, won the 2006 annual industrial economic operation of advanced enterprises

In 2006

Won the title of brand-name products in Hubei Province Enterprises

Won the business star enterprise in Hubei Province

In 2005

Was rated as high-tech enterprises in Wuhan City

Was rated as brand-name products in Hubei Province Enterprises

Qiaokou District 2004 - 2006 annual tax payers

In 2000

Won the Ministry of Construction Committee of experts China city outstandingmember unit

In 1999

Wuhan City Business Association and Wuhan City Entrepreneurs Association awarded the "Wuhan ninth outstanding enterprise" title.