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The September 20, 1958 Chinese first cross Changjiang trolley bus line -- Wuhan Electric Road 1(Hankou Sanmin road to Wuchang East Gate) opened, a total length of 9.25 kilometers, with 28 cars;

The October 20, 1959 Wuhan 2 electric road opened, Qiaokou road - Huangpu;

The December 28, 1961 3 opening of Wuhan Electric Road, Baofeng road - 1962 June Wuhan CityJiang'an station tram companies receiving Wuhan traffic bureau electromechanical Bureau of agricultural machinery and electrical appliances repair factory and Qiaokou District motor transportrepair factory, the new tram repair plant in Hankou Xin Jia Di (Yangtze buses formerly);

The 1962 May articulated tram Wuhan City streetcar company factory building in Wuhan ElectricRoad 1 running on the line, has become one of the first batch of Wuhan China have articulated tram city;

The June 28, 1964 WH640 type Wuhan City streetcar company factory all metal structure trolleybussuccess. December 2nd merger of Wuhan City public car, tram company repair plant, the establishment of Wuhan Municipal Utilities Authority vehicle repair factory, later renamed the WuhanCity Bus Factory (the predecessor of the Yangtze River bus);

The July 1, 1972 4 electric road opened from Wuhan, Qiaokou to the Wuchang Railway Station,10.1 kilometers in length;

The 1972 October Yangtze buses produced the first car SCR trolleybus, the lead national counterparts Yangtze River tram electric control technology;

The September 20, 1984 Wuhan Electric 5 road link opened, Li Ji Lu by the circulating line fromJiefang avenue to aviation road to Li Ji Lu, the inner outer loop line, line length of 10.4 kilometers;

The 1986 March Wuhan 6 electric road opened, Mei Shan to fruit lake, 6.4 kilometers long;

The December 28, 1986 Road Tram maintenance field put into operation. Maintenance field covers an area of 64000 square meters, a total construction area of 14000 square meters, construction of roads, parking lot of 22000 square meters, a total investment of 9300000 yuan, can park and maintenance of articulated trolleybus 126 vehicles; - 1987 June Wuhan 8 electric road opened, Shanfrom pear to Mei, 10.8 kilometers long;

The 1993 March Wuhan 7 electric road opened, from Wuchang Railway Station to Wuhan Zoo, in 1996 changed to Wuhan Qiaokou road to the zoo, 7.6 kilometers long;

The city in June 28, 1998 completed the last tram company articulated tram reconstruction, three towns of Wuhan run so far in the articulated tram decades are all short light type trams replaced;

The 2001 China first diesel electric double source trolleybus -- Yangtze River WGD62U type dualtrams delivered Wuhan 1 tram road running on the line (six years earlier than the capital Beijing Shuangyuan tram);

The 2002 July Chinese first low floor air-conditioned trolleybus in Yangtze River develop