• The Yangtze River WG6120CHEVD5 plug-in hybrid elec

  • The Yangtze River WG6121PHEVBA plug-in hybrid elec

  • The Yangtze River WG6701BEVH pure electric bus

  • The Yangtze River WG6820BEVH pure electric city bu

  • The Yangtze River WG6650BEVH pure electric city bu

November 10, 2015, in order to further accelerate the promotion of new energy vehicles in the field of public transport, and promote energy-saving emission reduction and structural adjustment, in accordance with the Ministry of finance industry and Information Technology Ministry of transport to improve the city bus to accelerate the application of new energy vehicles to promote the application of circular (2015) 159, the development of new energy bus promotion application assessment approach (Trial).

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Hubei Vice Governor visits Yan

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Dongfeng Yangtse bus Weixin

The Yangtze River (Wuhan) automobile limited liability company formerly known as Wuhan city bus factory, founded in 1964....